Cadillac via the Transciever

Cadillac is the informant or spy for the Mercenary kings. He wears a dark orange suit, holds an Uzi, and stands next to the outhouse west of Camp Crown.

Cadillac's RoleEdit

Cadillac is the compendium for the Mercenary kings and provides all information on previously seen enemies throughout the game and also keeps a record of how many you defeat.

On the field, he can be contacted through transciever to spot a boss if one can be located on the map for 2 Battery points, or will provide a drop of one shock bomb for 3 battery points. He can sometimes be seen on maps as extra objectives or give hints to finding or using items.


  • "I got the skinny on CLAW's goons and grunts."
  • "Yeah, I practice my action poses a lot. Gotta be ready in case of action, y'know?"
  • "I love fillin' out the Compendium. I make one for each operation I do."
  • "T-Bone keeps tryin' to make me eat fruits! Can you believe that guy?"
  • "Something's screwy happenin with thos CLAW grunts in the jungle. I'm on it."